Dear Visitor,

Back before many people knew her name as the "T-mobile girl" I first saw Carly as a model for what was (and still is) my favorite brand of clothing; Rugby by Ralph Lauren.

One page of the Rugby website had a brief interview with some of the models and Carly Foulkes was among them. This was the first I had seen her name, and since she was the main standout model from all the rest (in my opinion), I decided to get her domain name, thinking someday she may become very famous. Little did I know she would soon become a household sight for awhile as the T-mobile girl! Wow!

Well, as it turns out, I do not have the personal time and energy to devote to a fan site of any kind. But maybe someone reading this message does, and would like to purchase this domain name from me. Or maybe you are Carly Foulkes herself (or someone representing her) and would like to use this domain name to further advance her career in some way.

Great! Let's talk. My contact e-mail address is in the P.S. of this brief letter. If you are interested, please contact me with your offer. I will accept only a cash offer, minimally in the 4 digits range (U.S. dollars), which I consider to be very reasonable for the main .com domain name of a young celebrity who has her whole career ahead of her.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. If you're wanting to get in contact with me about purchasing this domain name, simply e-mail my first name at - I can't spell it out for you directly on this page because, well, you know, spam bots would swoop in and I'd get bombarded with even more junk e-mail than I already do :) Use something very descriptive for the subject line, like " Purchase" - thank you.